The purpose of each Town Meeting is to give all residents a chance to meet candidates, participate in a question and answer forum, and vote to endorse nominees as candidates for local boards in General/Consolidated Elections.

VOTE Lake Bluff Town Meetings for April General/Consolidated Elections will be held in December of the previous year for the 5 local municipal boards. All registered voters within the relevant districts for the Village Board of Trustees, President and Clerk, the Library Board, Park District Board, and both D115 and D65 School Boards will be invited to participate.

All the participating candidates’ applications/questionnaires submitted to VOTE Lake Bluff and video tapes of the Town Meetings will remain available for review on the VOTE Lake Bluff website.

VOTE Lake Bluff encourages any Lake Bluff/unincorporated Lake Bluff resident who is interested in serving our community to join VOTE Lake Bluff by contacting us at The VOTE Lake Bluff Administrative Committee spends over a year exploring issues of concern to both the community and the five boards, identifying and recruiting candidates for all openings on the 5 boards, and managing the Town Meeting process.