Lake Forest High School D115 Board of Education
David Burns

(4 open seats/contested election)
Traditionally, the Lake Forest Caucus and VOTE Lake Bluff
have continued to honor a long-standing "gentlemen's agreement" to ensure the number of D115 School Board members from each community are limited according to the number of households in each designated area to provide a balance of representation on the seven-person D115 Board. VOTE Lake Bluff nominates (2) Lake Bluff candidates, and the Lake Forest Caucus nominates (5) Lake Forest candidates.

The seats presently held by the two Lake Bluff residents are up for election. Due to the pandemic, VOTE Lake Bluff could not hold its public Town Meetings and thus attendees could not nominate two Lake Bluff candidates. In its place, and as a service to the Lake Bluff candidates and voters, VOTE Lake Bluff invited all Lake Bluff candidates with an opportunity to provide information about their candidacy for its website. The candidate questionnaire and video interview allow candidates to introduce themselves to voters by providing a brief personal statement and addressing a few short questions dealing with issues facing the individual board for which the candidate is running.

The Lake Bluff residents running for this board who chose to submit information to us about their candidacy are displayed below. Information about the Lake Forest Caucus-endorsed candidates, Marcus Schabacker, John Venson, Sally Davis, and Dave Burns can be found on the Lake Forest Caucus website,

Lake Bluff Candidates: 
Sally Davis (LF Caucus endorsement)
• Dave Burns (LF Caucus endorsement)
Amy Marsch 

Lake Forest Candidates:
• Marcus Schabacker (LF Caucus endorsement)
• John Venson (LF Caucus endorsement)
• Jeff Giannelli
• Joanna Marshall
• Robert Ted Moorman

Amy Marsch