Volunteers Needed!

VOTE Lake Bluff, an all-volunteer community organization, requires a sufficient number of volunteers to ensure our Town Meetings run smoothly. How can you participate? Please consider joining our Administrative Committee or any one of many sub-committees. Your time commitment can be minimal, and choice of involvement is up to you. If you are interested in our community and would like to volunteer, please send us an email at votelakebluff@gmail.com.

VOTE Lake Bluff is an open, non-partisan, volunteer committee of voters from Lake Bluff and the unincorporated areas of Knollwood and Arden Shores. The purpose of our Town Meetings in December of even numbered years is to identify and support candidates for positions of trust and responsibility on elected boards for our village, library, schools, and park district. All registered voters of these districts are invited to attend, listen to the candidates, and then sign Candidate Nomination Petitions required to be on the April Consolidated Election Ballot in the subsequent odd numbered year.

April 4, 2023 Consolidated Election

for the Election of:

- Village of Lake Bluff

- Lake Bluff Park District

- Lake Bluff Library

- School Districts #65 & #115

Are you interested in serving on one of our local boards?

September 20th was the first day to circulate candidates’ nominating papers (packets) for the April 4th, 2023, Consolidated Election for our village, park district, library, and schools. So, it is time to start planning, and the next VOTE Lake Bluff Town Meetings for that election will be held December 6th and 7th, 2022. Our Town Meetings are open to all, giving the public the opportunity to hear directly from candidates in advance of the 2023 Election. Thank you for your continued support of VOTE Lake Bluff, helping us to identify candidates for positions of trust and responsibility within our community


Essential Dates for Candidates:

• Tuesday, September 20th: First day to circulate candidates’ nominating papers (packets) for April 2023 Election
• Monday November 28th: VOTE LB’s Candidate Application deadline
• Tuesday December 6th: Town Meeting for candidates for village and library offices
• Wednesday December 7th: Town Meeting for LB School District 65 and LB Park District
• Monday, December 12th: First day to file nomination packet in the local election office
• Monday, December 19th: packet filing deadline at the local election office
• Tuesday April 4th, 2023: Consolidated Election

 Board Seats Expiring (April 4, 2023, Consolidated Election)

Lake Bluff Park District: (4-year term)                                 Applications Submitted / *Contested Election
Jennifer Beeler                                                                                     Jennifer Beeler*
Paul Greenfield                                                                                    Paul Greenfield*
Emily Lane                                                                                             Emily Lane*

                                                                                                                  Constance McCabe*

                                                                                                                  Don Fawcett*

                                                                                                                  Rich Martin*

Lake Bluff Library: (4-year term)
Kathy Meierhoff                                                                                   Sandy Berg
Janie Jerch                                                                                              Janie Jerch
John Heintzelman                                                                                Alexandra Friedeman

Lake Bluff Village Board of Trustees: (4-year term)
Barbara Ankenman                                                                            Katharine Hatch
Steve Rappin                                                                                         Steve Rappin
Joy Markee                                                                                            Open Seat

Lake Bluff Village Board of Trustees: (2-year term)
Kathryn “Kate” Briand (Resignation due to relocation)           Mary Cole

Lake Bluff Village Clerk: (2-year term)
Katharine Hatch                                                                                   Open Seat

Lake Bluff Elementary School District 65: (4-year term)
Andy Duran                                                                                           Andy Duran*
Mark Berry                                                                                            Laura Breakstone*
Anne Hill                                                                                                Anne Hill*

                                                                                                                  J. Scott Bermingham*

                                                                                                                  Laine Bennett* (Withdrew after 12/22/22 deadline)

Lake Forest High School District 115: (4-year term)

Lake Bluff Seats:

No expiring seats

Lake Forest Seats:

Jenny Zinser

Dewey Winebrenner

John Noble

VOTE Lake Bluff Selected Candidates for the Lake Bluff Library Board of Trustees

✓ Sandy Berg

for Trustee

✓ Janie Jerch

for Trustee

✓ Alexandra Friedeman

for Trustee

VOTE Lake Bluff

Selected Candidates for

the Village of Lake Bluff

Board of Trustees

✓ Katharine Hatch

for Trustee (4-yr Term)

✓ Steve Rappin

for Trustee (4-yr Term)

✓ Mary Cole

for Trustee (2-yr Term)

Meet Our Selected Candidates ✓

VOTE Lake Bluff

Selected Candidates for

the Lake Bluff School District 65

Board of Education

VOTE Lake Bluff

Selected Candidates for

the Lake Bluff Park District

Board of Commissioners

✓ Jennifer Beeler

for Commissioner

✓ Paul Greenfield

for Commissioner

✓ Emily Lane

for Commissioner

✓ Andy Duran

for Board Member

✓ Laura Breakstone

for Board Member

✓ Ann Hill

for Board Member